Juve Stabia demand Ser2018微信赚钱项目ie B recall

It’s not yet decided whether to maintain this grouping or bring one of the other clubs back from 皇冠外围投注data-scayt_word=”Lega” data-scaytid=”9″>Lega Pro for 22.

Juve Stabia have lodged an appeal to be let back into Serie B, as the season starts on August 29, but there are only 21 clubs.

The draw for the fixture list is meant to be on August 7, so decisions must be made before Thursday.

After Siena went into liquidation this summer, the League is left with only 21 out of 22 teams competing.

The chaos in Italian football is perhaps best represented by the situation in Serie B for 2014-15.

“We are the only relegated club with the necessary requisites to be recalled, if they decided to play a 22-team Serie B,” said President Gianni Improta.

Reggina and Novara hope to be recalled, but now Juve Stabia are lodging a formal appeal to be brought back into Serie B.

The season is supposed to start on Friday August 29 and Saturday August 30.